Frequently asked questions

How much to remap my car?

All our custom remaps via obd have a fixed rate £159 and our remaps that need done via bench are priced at £189

Were are you's based, can you come to me?

We are based in Belfast but we are a mobile service that come to you at your chosen location , we cover all of Northern Ireland

How much power can i gain from a remap?

We work in partnership with one of the UK,s biggest tunning companies Regal tuning to find the stats for your car or van please visit

How long does it take?

Our services can take up to 1 and a quarter hours

When cleaning my DPF does the price include fitting of faulty sensors?

The price for DPF cleaning is £149, we run a full diognosis of you vehicle for free, there is an extra charge of £30 for fitting new sensors if required, this does not include the price of any new sensors, we urge customers to buy there own, we will assit them if they need help with were to purchase them.